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Collective Capital: A small design agency with big ambitions

Creating a culture of innovation through improv and design.


What if you already had everything you needed to succeed?

At Collective Capital, we believe that the main obstacle teams face is not a lack of skill or creativity but an inability to fully activate their potential. Through interactive and fun improvisation and design-based exercises, we give groups the tools they need to unlock their best work.

Collective Capital is an improvisation and design consultancy founded by me and five friends in 2014. We help people connect authentically with co-workers at all levels, cultivate communication and listening skills, increase their ability to perform under pressure, and build adaptability and resilience. And of course, we help teams connect and bond through fun and play!

We also offer design consulting services to help organizations connect with and better understand their customers and the needs they have.

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I designed the Collective Capital logo to capture the essence of our work: By increasing and unlocking the potential of a team – the collective capital – each individual's contribution is amplified. The logo is used on our website, on business cards, and on jackets.