Getting Unstuck: Curriculum design

Feeling stuck on a problem or issue in your life? Use this audio experience to take action, find a fresh perspective on your challenge, and potentially re-frame how you approach it.


Getting Unstuck is an audio experience that helps you get “unstuck” on a challenge that matters to you. It takes about two hours of uninterrupted time to complete. This is a self-paced experience. Whenever you feel done with one activity, just hit play on the next track to move on. Please note that some tracks have music added to the end. If you feel done with that prompt, you can skip ahead to the next track.


We asked two questions when designing this experience: “What are important skills we think are fundamental to working as a creative individual?” and “How can we teach these behaviors often taught in design thinking classes without using design jargon or explicit process?”

The result is an audio-based learning experience that asks participants to frame a personal challenge, try new behaviors out in the world to learn about this challenge, and then finally reframe the challenge. The activity is focused on the skill of reframing problems; the process of redefining what a problem is really about to avoid attempting to solve something that in the end doesn’t actually matter. The seven-track activity helps the listeners build the capacity of reframing. It aims to help them see how to apply these skills to everyday problems. It guides them through reflection and immersion exercises to spark their reframe.

User testing in Berlin (January, 2016)

User testing in Berlin (January, 2016)

The idea was born during a long walk through Berlin in January 2016. Scripting, recording, and editing took place in a hotel room the following two days. On day four we ran a live test with participants in Berlin, using iPods with the audio tracks loaded onto them. After they’d completed the activity we asked them to draw a journey map of their experience, walk us through it, and provide feedback. Further testing of this prototype is still under way.

The coffee that fueled the walk that fueled the idea for Getting Unstuck. The Barn in Berlin deserves some credit.

The coffee that fueled the walk that fueled the idea for Getting Unstuck. The Barn in Berlin deserves some credit.


Idea, execution, narration, and graphic design: Tania Anaissie and Erik Olesund
Engineering and post-production: Erik Olesund

Categories: curriculum design, media production, user experience, audio